assist support foundation.

It all starts here.

 The Assist Foundation Package covers all the basics to get your team working efficiently every day.

Employee On/Off-Boarding

Your time is valuable and should never be wasted. We complete all the installation, password setup and new employee procedures to save you time.

Start a Chat. We are Waiting.

From 8am to 5pm local time, our expert support is at your fingertips. With SMS/MMS mobile texting, we respond in 9 minutes or less during business hours.

Device Management

Technical difficulties throughout your day can set your small business back. That’s why we keep everything running smoothly with on-demand remote assistance and automatic hardware and software updates.

Cloud Management

Never worry about your cloud’s security; we keep it safe and organized for you. We make sure your user/licensing is up to date and your cloud storage is sufficient.

Project Consulting

You know your business best and that is why we work with you to develop the best I.T. strategy. We offer an initial office technology, adaptation and consulting to evaluate what tech is working for you and against you.

Additional Assist Support

  • Support for Microsoft Windows and Apple’s MacOS
  • Hardware and software procurement and purchase
  • Employee access security and policy management
  • Company device inventory management

Level Up With Assist Add-ons.


Assist Network

Fast, reliable and uninterrupted connectivity is essential. Combined the Assist Network add-on with Assist Foundation Support and you have a turn-key solution to connectivity. You will have the latest hardware and we will manage it 24/7. We are always assisting you!


  • Network router, switching and Wifi hardware included
  • Gigabit local network and latest in 802.11 AC Wifi
  • SDN based routing and traffic policy management
  • 24/7 outage monitoring and mitigation
  • 100% managed and maintained
  • ISP account management and auditing

Assist Security

Our security add-on packs all the modern solutions for fighting cyber threats with a layered security approach. Starting with basic internet connectivity protocols and securing the connection to the devices your staff uses every day. Each layer slightly overlaps the previous to ensure thorough examination and prevention. Assist Security is designed to work hard at keeping you and your staff compliant and off the next list of compromised organizations.


  • SDN & SD-WAN network capabilities
  • Managed DNS over HTTPS with phishing & threat detection
  • Autonomous AI device-level security
  • Network Edge Firewall with AI threat mitigation
  • Email Phishing prevention and user training
  • SaaS 2FA authentication auditing and enforcement

Assist Voice 

Cloud-enabled voice solutions have changed the way we communicate in the modern world. With distributed workforces becoming the norm more and more, keeping your team connected as if they’re in the same office building is critical. Our voice services offer modern device apps for desktop, android, and iPhones, making classic desk phone hardware optional and allowing for total mobility. Assist Voice enables everyone on your team to maintain efficiency while working remotely.


  • Unlimited usage (SMS/MMS & Voice)
  • Voicemail transcription & faxing
  • Advanced CallFlow options
  • Unified apps on desktop, mobile & tablets
  • Yealink phone hardware options
  • Team chat, messaging & video conferencing

Hardware Purchasing & Procurement

All Assist customers enjoy a purchasing and procurement service provided by your Assist Agent, free of charge. We don’t mark up prices and send you the original invoice for full transparency and validation. Some available brands are:


  • Lenovo ThinkPad
  • Dell Business
  • Ubiquiti Networks
  • Apple
  • Microsoft Surface
  • HP Business
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Yealink & Grandstream VOIP devices

Project Management

32Waves employs bright minds to manage various types of projects. Most importantly, we are always here to help! Some examples of the types of projects we manage include:


  • Local network expansion
  • Low voltage wiring
  • On-site server installation & migrations
  • Cloud server deployments & orchestration
  • Security & surveillance systems
  • Business SaaS deployment
  • Voice system migrations
  • Hardware provisioning and upgrades