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Mike doesn’t have 32Waves

Emily has 32Waves


9:30 am

Mike gets to work and starts preparing for his prospect presentation.

9:30 am

Emily gets to work and starts preparing for her prospect presentation.

9:32 am

Mike’s presentation is not uploading, and the meeting starts in 1.5 hours.

9:32 am

Emily’s presentation is not uploading, and the meeting starts in 1.5 hours.

9:33 am


Mike calls Andrew, his I.T. guy, and gets his voicemail.
Mike waits for a call back.

9:33 am


Emily texts @Assist to fix the problem while making her morning coffee.

9:39 am

☎️ x2

Mike calls Andrew again, and gets his voicemail. He eagerly awaits at his desk for Andrew’s call.

9:39 am


Emily’s 32Waves Assist Agent replies and tells her she can relax because they already saw the backend problem and are working on it.

9:47 am

Andrew calls back. Mike tries to explain the problem verbally, but Andrew isn’t sure what Mike means.

9:55 am

Andrew suggests a “quick fix” but this doesn’t work. Andrew says he’ll swing by after finishing his
current onsite job.

9:55 am


32Waves contacts Emily and says that the problem is fixed and she and her team can get back to work normally.



10:00 am

Now waiting for Andrew to arrive,
Mike makes his morning coffee.

10:00 am

Emily tells her team that everything is good to go, and they get back to preparing for the presentation.

10:30 am

Andrew gets to the office and Mike re-explains the problem.

10:37 am

Finally, after seeing and understanding the problem, Andrew gets to work.

11:00 am


The client gets to the office, and Mike has to explain that the presentation is not uploading.

11:00 am


Emily and her team present to the client.

11:15 am

After waiting for 15 minutes, the client chooses to leave and “decide next steps later.”

11:28 am


Andrew finally fixes the problem. Mike lost time, money, and potentially a client.

12:00 pm


Emily and her team celebrate their new client contract over an early lunch.