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Mike doesn’t have 32Waves

Emily has 32Waves


9:30 am

Mike gets to work and starts preparing for his prospect presentation.

9:30 am

Emily gets to work and starts preparing for her prospect presentation.

9:32 am

Mike’s presentation is not uploading, and the meeting starts in 1.5 hours.

9:32 am

Emily’s presentation is not uploading, and the meeting starts in 1.5 hours.

9:33 am


Mike submits a trouble ticket to IT and begins to work on other tasks.

9:33 am


Emily snaps a picture of the problem with her phone and texts it to @Assist while walking to the coffee machine.

9:39 am


@Assist asks for permission to access Emily’s computer remotely. She says yes.

9:41 am


@Assist quietly connects, makes an edit that fixes the issue and disconnects while Emily is chatting with a new customer on the phone.

9:48 am


IT responds to the ticket asking for more information. Mike tries his best to describe what’s going on.

9:54 am


IT tries to call Mike’s desk while he was making his morning coffee. Mike returns and calls IT back.

9:55 am

After being on hold for a few minutes, Mike re-explains the issue he’s having to a different support rep.

9:55 am


@Assist texts Emily, tells her that the problem is fixed and asks if they can be of any further service.



9:56 am

The support rep gathers Mike’s contact details and reaffirms the problem Mike is having.

9:58 am

After confirming Mike is indeed Mike, he explains he’s in a hurry and needs this fixed ASAP.

10:00 am

Emily tells her team that everything is good to go, and they get back to preparing for the presentation.

10:01 am

The support rep begins to walk Mike through a few standardized troubleshooting steps.

10:17 am

Mike hasn’t been able to perform some of the steps. The support rep suggests a remote session.

10:20 am

The support rep remotes into Mikes computer after Mike navigates to a webpage.

10:33 am

The support rep is having trouble fixing the issue and ropes in a colleague with more knowledge.

10:59 am

Mike must hang up with IT and head to his meeting without his presentation.

11:00 am


The client conference call begins, and Mike has to explain that the presentation is not uploading.

11:00 am


Emily and her team present to the client.

11:15 am

Mike did his best to cover the agenda without his presentation. The clients hang up and decide to cover next steps later.

11:17 am


Mike returns to his desk to see a ticket update from IT that the problem is solved. Mike has lost time, money and potentially a client.

12:00 pm


Emily and her team celebrate their new client contract over an early lunch.